All Female ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Starring Sandra Bullock On the Way

Yayyyy!!! I love this s**t, I’m pumped for this. The first whispers of an all-female Ocean’s Eleven came with the Sony hack, where it seemed producer Amy Pascal knew something about it and was told to get moving on her all-female Ghostbusters movie… because we all know two all female ensemble reboots can’t exist at the same time.

The new Ocean’s Eleven is the brainchild of the late producer Jerry Weintraub, Steven Soderbergh, director of the Clooney Ocean’s movies, and Clooney himself. The script has been written by Olivia Milch, who is also attached to Sony’s new Little Women. Nice move getting a woman to write it! I love this movie so far.

Clooney’s Gravity co-star and one of America’s top five sweethearts, Sandra Bullock, is set to lead the film as Danny Ocean, or whatever her name will end up being. Gary Ross (Hunger Games, Pleasantville) will direct, and it looks like it’ll start happening once he finishes his current project, The Free State of Jones, with America’s number one sweetheart, Matthew McConaughey.

This is exciting for me and I think this is a positive trend. The fear in Hollywood that women can’t open movies combined with the fear in Hollywood that no one will go see original stories can be combated with stuff like this, movies with a preexisting fanbase and changing the fellas to ladies, and you’ve got a blockbuster starring women. Painfully simple. Not quite as good as just trusting that people like women enough to see them in a movie, but we’re getting there.

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