Fetchez La Vache: A Cow Car Crash

A simple Frenchman was trying to go about his simple French day. He was driving his stepson to school in the town of Perthus, in the Pyrenees mountains, and probably doing something baguette-related, when a roughly 1100 pound cow fell from the sky and slammed into his car.

It turns out the giant cows and little itty bitty cliff ledges don’t go together all that well. The poor cow slipped from its perch and flattened the front of the Frenchman’s car like a really gross crepe. One totaled car and dead cow later, the man and his stepson were ok, but reportedly shaken by the animal’s death. The only victim in this cow car crash was the poor cow.

One thing’s for sure, that boy has the best excuse for being late to class in the history of school. Use it well, kid.

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