Final ‘Spectre’ Trailer is Here!

Ok, I was excited by the last trailer, excited by the one before that, excited when I saw Skyfall opening weekend and as soon as it ended, remembered they’re going to make another Bond movie.

Daniel Craig has always had my utmost respect as James Bond. He’s also my first and only Bond, although I think one time I walked in on my dad and brother watching one of the Sean Connery ones and they told me to get out, girls don’t get to watch Bond. I like Sam Mendes a lot, and I’m pumped for the Bond girls. Lea Seydoux is a wonderful actress and Monica Bellucci at 50 is the oldest Bond girl yet.

The organization SPECTRE appeared first in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever. This time it’s headed up by Christoph Waltz – who was 15 years old in 1971 – as Oberhauser, who has a mysterious connection to James Bond. Boy, I can’t wait to find out what the mysterious connection is! I guess I’ll have to see the dang movie! I wonder if it’s the same mysterious connection Javier Bardem had to James Bond in Skyfall

It promises everything anyone could want from a James Bond movie: great suits, fun cars, and Daniel Craig’s smirk.

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