Guess the Horrible Reason An Owner Duct Taped Her Dog’s Mouth Shut

If you thought the Cecil the Lion killer got serious hate, the Internet will drive this dog’s owner underground. Kimberly Ann Howell, 25, wrapped duct tape around her pooch’s mouth and posted it online with the caption ‘hah hah’. Howell says she did it to her dog, Leah, as a ‘joke’.

According to Howell, Leah kept play-biting her children. Naturally, one wraps their dog in duct tape to solve the problem.

“I could take a lie detector test and prove I meant her no harm and it was a joke,” Howell wrote [on Facebook]. “Leah herself would show the world I haven’t and never would harm her. If I abused any animal, I would be right there with everyone saying it, but I didn’t.”

IF I abused? You DID abuse that animal.

Would you put duct tape on your kids if they got too loud? No you wouldn’t, so why did you do it to your dog?

According to the NY Daily News:

The single mother of three said the duct tape “wasn’t on her longer than 30 seconds or a minute if that.” She said she kept it on only long enough to take the five photos on her cell phone.

Better run for cover, Ms. Howell. Your life’s gonna get pretty bad with the publicity this’ll get.

Police charged Howell with animal cruelty and she’s set for a court date in November.

The only question now is how she’ll survive from now until November without setting foot out her door.

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