Harrison Ford Wears Hot Dog Suit to Talk ‘Star Wars’ with Jimmy Kimmel

The Halloween episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday proved to be a real treat from across the galaxy. Viewers saw the ABC host dressed as a bearded Princess Leia and Harrison Ford as a hot dog, complete with ketchup and mustard. That’s one footlong everyone’s mother and bicurious dad wants a taste of. #SilverFox

Kimmel dug for spoilers on the new film, but Ford proved to be a hot dog more than worth his salt.

“What is there to say? I want the audience to experience it. I don’t want them to hear anything.”

Damn you, Harrison Ford. Is your hot dog so big because it’s full of secrets? The actor/wiener also wouldn’t drop the “very good reason” why Luke Skywalker wasn’t in the new Star Wars trailer.

Killin’ me slowly there, Harrison.

When asked whether he preferred working with George Lucas or JJ Abrams, Dr. Jones proved he’s as sharp as ever with a Donald Trump-related misdirection and an eventual, very diplomatic:

“George has been amazing to me, he has been the author of the early chapters of my career and given me the opportunity to have an extraordinary life. J.J. has given me the chance to play a wonderful part in a great movie.”

He also revealed that he’s glad that Lucas didn’t honor his request to kill off Han Solo all those years ago, as are all of us. Why must you continue to hurt me in this way, Harrison Ford?

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
8 years ago

Excellent interview, but what about the film, Lucas.