Henry Cavill Is Dating a 19-Year-Old Freshman

Henry Cavill is living every man’s fantasy of dating a younger woman. A much younger woman. She’s 19. Her name is Tara King and she’s a freshman at a university in England studying art history. Naturally. Cavill is 32, by the way. Yea, he’s a 30-something banging a college coed.

The two were seen cozying up at the England-Australia Rugby World Cup game earlier this month. Of course they met at a club and no doubt bonded over shots and bad decisions.

Says a source, “At school she was really popular, especially with the boys, and always having a laugh. She was very sporty and played hockey and netball.” Netball. I have no clue what that is and refuse to look it up.

In related news, The Blemish has obtained an exclusive transcript of a private conversation they recently had.

King: Hey, do you think my hair is on fleek?

Cavill’s inner monologue: …

Cavill: Oh your hair is totally radical!

Cavill’s inner monologue: *slaps forehead*

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