Justin Bieber Skinny Dipping Naked Complete with Hanging Dong

Everybody making Justin Bieber jokes better take a step back. Lest Bieber whip you with his naked dong. Bieber got caught on-camera skinny dipping in Bora Bora with new, but unconfirmed girlfriend, Jayde Pierce. Someone with a really long telephoto lens also snapped some shots of Bieber’s bare schlong as he went for a swim.

And I know what you all want to know… Is this really his girlfriend??

Their relationship status is not confirmed, but Bieber made an apparent romantic gesture by playing the guitar for her at sunset.

The dark-haired beauty along with the “What Do You Mean” singer have taken to Instagram over the past few days to show off the island’s scenery and their mostly covered up beach bods.

Here’s Bieber playing the same 4-5 notes over and over on guitar. It’s not much of a romantic gesture. More novice guitarist trying to eke out some soul from his limited talent.

Gravity is working against me (via @camcorderapp)

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And yea, if you want Bieber dick in yer face, you can click here. Do I even need to say NSFW?

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