Justin Bieber Turns Over a New Marijuana Leaf

Remember Justin Bieber’s sort of press tour where he went around convincing people he was a new man? The New York Times filmed him saying “now being 21 and going through some hardships you can hear that in my vocals.” Huh…hardships. Okay. Then, he openly cried on the MTV Video Music Awards. Not sure why, but surely it tugged at a few heartstrings. Seems like Bieber’s slipping though.

One crack was when he politely fumed during a live performance on Today. The cameras weren’t picking up his dance moves. Bieber practiced so long for those basic moves. How could Today deprive America from seeing them?

Next, came pics of him shotgunning a beer. Granted, typical behavior for anyone.

Now, Biebs smoking pot onstage. Pot ain’t bad, but it’s one drug the Bieber abused in the past. He puffed with Rae Sremmurd during Sremmurd’s concert in New Zealand. According to TMZ, Bieber “regrets his New Zealand antics and did it on a dare.” Riiight, a dare. If you watch the video at TMZ, there wasn’t much of a ‘dare’. It’s one guy lighting a blunt and passing to Bieber, which Bieber gladly accepts. Bieber probably begged to be dared. Please, please dare me. I need to be dared soooo bad.

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