Lea Michele Calls Her Butt a ‘Showstopper’

I never gave much thought to Lea Michele’s ass because her name always conjures up the image of a spoiled brat. That’s ’cause there’s a bunch of stories about her on-set diva behavior. Also, she ain’t too nice off-set also. Her ass, though, is one redeeming quality. She even says so in the new Marie Claire.

On her favorite body part: “I love my butt. It is a showstopper.”​

See? Right there in black and white. I. Love. My. Butt. SHOWSTOPPER! Need proof? Bam.

I call my dick an intermission. It doesn’t bring the curtains down, but it gives whoever’s looking at it a moment to reflect and contemplate. Maybe stretch their legs a little and ask themselves if they want to keep on going or call it a night.

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