Lenin’s Statue in Ukraine Turned Into Darth Vader

With statues of Lenin coming down all over Russia thanks to “de-Communization”, artist Alexander Milov proposed that this one in Odessa remain, but with a few alterations.

Curiously, the Lenin Statue’s website and perhaps all of Russia have a different interpretation of Darth Vader. The new statue’s description cites him as “the hero of the fantastic saga Star Wars.” ….I guuuess???

Milov explains his reasoning behind the statue,

“I decided to take a monument to Lenin and transform it into a monument to Darth Vader, because at this moment Darth Vader is a political figure in Ukraine.”

Darth Vader registered to run for parliament earlier in October, along with Yoda and Chewbacca, who was arrested yesterday while campaigning for Darth Vader. What’s going on over there?

(Header image: Variety)

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