Melissa Benoist Calls ‘Supergirl’ Feminist. Also, Here Are Some Sexy Pics of Her Walking

Supergirl premiered last night. Didn’t watch it, but reviews go from great to meh. Supergirl Melissa Benoist appeared on The Late Show to promote the show and feminism came up.

Host Stephen Colbert said he “teared up when he watched it” and was excited about the feminist responses to the series. Benoist replied that it’s great and what’s feminist about it is that the show is for everyone. And YOU get a car, and YOU get a car! She also said it’s great that Supergirl has all the powers of Superman. She forgot to add “and at 70% of the production costs!”

Colbert then showed a photo of Benoist dressed as Supergirl with a bunch of Girl Scouts in Supergirl shirts.

Aww, cute. Indoctrinating the next generation of comic book fans, smart. Photos not shown to the Girl Scouts, these ones (NSFW).

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