Miley Cyrus Celebrates James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah as Only Miley Can

Miley’s gonna be that one person at every wedding, bar mitzvah and celebration that stands out. That’s just how Miley be. She showed up at James Franco’s bar mitzvah in an electric blue leotard that rode halfway up her ass. Is that a Jewish thing? Don’t ask me.

Back up, James Franco’s bar mitzvah. Yea.

Franco is technically fully Jewish, as his mother’s ancestors were Jewish, but was not raised in the religion. Franco had had a bar mitzvah ceremony, with a real rabbi, earlier this month. Parts of it were screened at the gala.

Seth Rogen and his wife,  Lauren Miller Rogen, threw the ceremony for Franco as part of their Hilarity for Charity benefit. The organization ” is creating the next generation of Alzheimer’s advocates through evenings filled with music and comedy” according to the charity’s website. Awesome. You could have supported a good cause by buying $3400 yarmulkes autographed by Bill Hader and Rogen.

Cyrus wasn’t the only entertainment there. There was a circumcision ceremony for Franco.

Leftover Franco circumcision bits, bidding starts at $500!

Cyrus performed Rick James’ “Super Freak” in her leotard. Quite a fitting song.

Here’s her in her blue leotard.

Miley Cyrustein and the Jewper HerozZZ #happybarmitzafranco @hilarityforcharity #MOSHmitzvah #alzsucks

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Shalom y’all!

#shalomyall @hilarityforcharity #happybarmitzafranco

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The charity has raised $4 million over four years for Alzheimer’s. I assume the money goes towards stopping Alzheimer’s, and not spreading it.

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8 years ago

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