‘It Has a Monster in It’. Mulder and Scully Are Back in New ‘X-Files’ Trailer

Look, I’ve only seen about half of an episode of X-Files in my life, and that’s because it was the one with Bryan Cranston. I’ve got nothing against it, some of my best friends loveĀ X-Files.

But the trailer is here for six new episodes of the popular alien show and it makes me want to binge the original series so I can catch all the cute jokes.

I also LOVE when trailers are this rhythmic. It is very cool and always makes me think it’s gonna be the best thing ever. And I think we all want to kiss Gillian Anderson, right?

Anyway, the six episode event begins January 24, 2016 on FOX.

Did they name Mulder, Fox, to suck up to the network?

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
7 years ago

Yey! I might have to update my Netflix account.