NBC Execs Concerned About Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking

After Jimmy Fallon’s second injury in the past few months, NBC execs are concerned and will intervene if it becomes necessary.

Radar was told by an insider that NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt and Tonight Show Executive Producer Lorne Michaels “have recently had several very frank and honest conversations about Jimmy. Lorne is extremely protective of Jimmy, obviously. Does Jimmy like to party and have a good time? Absolutely, and there late nights of going out with the crew after the show finishes taping, but it’s not every night.”

However, Fallon’s clumsiness is still causing concern.

In his recent drinking-related incident, which people thought might have been a joke at first, Fallon tripped while holding a bottle of booze and sliced his hand on the broken bottle, was helped up by the police, and screamed for more Jaeger until he was brought some. What a trashy drunk. Fallon was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this weekend accepting the Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor from the Harvard Lampoon when his alleged college-freshman-style drunken antics went down.

However, a source close to Fallon insists that he’s fine and Jimmy Fallon didn’t go full on frat party mess. According to them:

“He was celebrating in the organized and planned Harvard Lampoon event in the streets and some girl kneeled down directly in front of him rather abruptly, just as he was turning around. He then tripped over her because he didn’t see her. When he tripped over the girl, he fell on glass. At the urgency of the police, who  were on site at the celebration, he went to Mass General to be sure there was no glass in his hand. He was checked out, left soon after arriving and returned to the celebration at the Harvard Lampoon Building.”

Ok, but the mass of injuries are starting to stack up. Last June, Fallon almost lost a finger in a late-night kitchen accident. According to his rep, this was not alcohol-related, but that sounds like something a rep would say. After that, Fallon had to go to the dentist after he supposedly chipped a tooth while opening a bottle of medicine. These incidents, combined with the fact that he’s an infamous fixture on the NYC bar scene and notorious party animal, don’t really lay the kinda cookie crumb trail it would take Sherlock Holmes to follow. It looks a lot like somebody might have a problem.

(H/T Celebitchy)

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