Old Woman Finds Ford Mustang Parked On Her Roof

83-year-old Joyce Kingsley was watching TV inside her Michigan home when she heard a loud ‘kaboom’. She initially thought it was related to the weather, and was surprised to find a Ford Mustang parked on her roof.

How did it even get there? I bet it was aliens trying and failing to blend their craft in with new surroundings.

Or maybe it was just a guy with a medical problem, who lost control of his car on Interstate 69 in Shiawassee County, and ended up driving off a large hill that just happens to be level with Kingsley’s roof.  

Yeah, definitely aliens.

Kingsley will be placing a tarp over her damaged roof until it’s fixed. The driver was treated for low blood sugar, but no one was hurt.

“It could’ve been a lot worse. I’m glad everyone is all right.”

Said Joyce Kingsley, who is being way cooler about her damaged roof than most of us would be.

(Header Image: Yahoo)

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