Rachel Harris, One of the Few Nude Playmates Left, Loves to Paint Naked

Playboy decided to eliminate naked girls from their magazine starting next March. Booooo! That means Playmates like Miss November 2015, Rachel Harris, become answers to trivia questions. Who were some of the last nude Playmates in Playboy? Sad, sad day indeed. Well, at least we still have Harris’ Instagram. She puts up pretty decent pics.

Sorry about ur Monday

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Not bad. Harris also has does art, painting, and she does it in the nude. There you go, something we have in common. I write in the nude also. Doing so makes my butthole itchy, but anything for the readers.

According to Playboy (link NSFW):

“My ambition is to be recognized as an artist and a personality, challenging the face behind the work,” explains Rachel. “Art has always been a way for me to be in my element and to challenge myself emotionally and physically.”

“I’ve been told selling yourself with your art degrades it, but I strongly disagree,” she adds. “The art world is constantly inspired by the female form.”

Hmm…yessss. *strokes chin* Took the words right out of my mouth. I too wish to challenge myself emotionally and physically, but with boobie jokes. Me and Harris, we’re like twin planets moving in parallel.

Fun fact: Her Playboy centerfold was her first professional modeling gig. That’s like Lebron James scoring 50 in his first game out. Dare I say, Harris is a natural?

As for her art work, someone with an eye for art has deemed it interesting enough to display. According to Harris’ site, she’ll be displaying her work at WELL in December. Don’t ask me what WELL is. I checked, I have no clue.

Did I mention she paints in the nude? Yea, well check out the gallery for that. Also, bounce to Playboy’s site (NSFW) to see her naked.

(Gallery images courtesy of Rachel T. Harris, Header image courtesy Rachel T. Harris Facebook)

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