Real Life Superhero Took on Oregon Shooter

How many mass shootings have to happen in America before we the people recognize that there are more important things than being able to swaddle your bazooka in a little blue blanket and carry it into Wal-Mart with you? I’m just a jerk with a laptop, so I’m not really qualified to answer that. I can, however, tell you about the man who showed amazing courage and tried to take the Umpqua Community College shooter down. Veteran Chris Mintz, 30, looked dead into the eyes of the shooter and charged him in order to protect his classmates.

I will not glorify, condone, or in any way put it out there that this is a cool way to get attention by mentioning even the littlest detail about the Oregon shooter. He’s nothing. He’s boring. I won’t drop a single detail about him. Nobody cares if he was a troubled loner or cracked out on video game violence. No one cares about his bizarro alpha male posturing gone wrong. What we’ll remember is the heroic action taken by Chris Mintz, who was shot five times trying to stop him.

Mintz, who has a wife and young child at home, thought nothing of doing everything he could to try to stop this tragedy from occurring. In a terrifying situation which would cause most people to cower or run, he showed incredible bravery. Mintz is currently hospitalized after being shot five times and will need to relearn how to walk, but is expected to make a full recovery. I, for one, hope this real life superhero gets well soon.

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