Sam Sarpong, ‘Yo Momma’ Host and Tommy Hilfiger Model, Commits Suicide

Actor, model and TV host Sam Sarpong committed suicide on October 26th by jumping off a bridge. Sarpong was 40. No details on why he jumped, but Sarpong spent seven hours talking to authorities, presumably while standing on the bridge.

A witness spotted the former Tommy Hilfiger spokesmodel early Monday morning and called the authorities. A team of emergency personnel rushed to the scene, where they reached out to Sarpong via the Department Crisis Negotiation Team.

“While conversing with the individual, members of his family arrived and provided background regarding his emotional state,” the release read. “Tragically, after approximately seven hours of communication, the male jumped from the bridge into the Arroyo.”

I’m assuming it’s the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California, since US Weekly mentions the Arroyo Seco. This is what it looks like.

This bridge evidently does its job, as it’s nicknamed “Suicide Bridge”. Horrible spot for a first date. Just an FYI.

“It is sad and troubling when an individual has become so despondent that he or she feels their only option is to end their life,” Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said in the release. “These incidents can often have a significant impact on the victim’s loved ones, first responders, and the community as a whole. My prayers go out to the family.”

That sucks. Even more when you consider they called his family out to talk him down, yet he still jumped. Imagine the guilt his family will have forever.

Sarpong hosted the first two seasons of Yo Momma with Wilmer Valderrama. As you can guess by the show’s title, it was all about insulting people’s mothers. Heyyy, that’s not nice!

Watch a best of clip for the show and go insult someone’s momma in memory of Sam Sarpong.

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