She’s 18 Now, So Hello Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne walks through Vancouver’s airport, a full-fledged 18-year old. She can now do all the things 18-year olds can legally do. That includes voting, signing contracts and being charged as an adult in criminal cases. Her boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin, now that Thorne’s 18, can do a bunch of stuff too, like not worry about being charged as an adult in certain criminal cases.

Thorne leaves Vancouver where’s she’s been shooting Midnight Sun with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Actually, I never knew Schwarzenegger was an actual actor. Thought he just hung around USC dating people named Miley Cyrus. The Midnight Sun crew helped Thorne celebrate on-set with a birthday cake. The cake said “Happy 18th Birthday Bella”. Left off was “Now you’re barely legal”.

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