Redditors Recall the Grossest Things Ever Pulled Out of Their Bodies

Intelligent design gets the piss taken out of it by a new Reddit thread posing the horrifying question “What’s the grossest thing your body has done?”

Human bodies are weird, and lumpy, and bizarre, and smell. We know this, but this thread proves that there’s some next level grossness we as a society have not even begun to tap into.

Check out this confession by BiscuitDoughHounds, which is enough to make you throw up blood:

“You know how you get an itch in your eye and after looking in the mirror, you can see it’s an eyelash? That happened to me … I leaned over the sink, saw the eyelash, and stuck my finger in my eye to draw it out. I got a hold on it, started pulling … and pulling … and pulling … That’s right, it was my hair, from my head, that had found its way behind my eyeball. It was probably close to 8 inches long after I pulled it all out. The worst part was I could feel it unraveling behind my eye.”

Some people skip straight from vomit-inducing to surreal. Redditor LordoftheGluten literally had a showing of Silence of the Lambs in his belly button:

“Speaking of belly buttons … I once found a living moth living in mine. I was twirling my finger around in there (as you do) and noticed gray matter on my finger. I thought it was lint, but after further investigation, found out it was a moth. It flew away after I pulled it out of there. I try to keep my belly button clean now.”

It looks like Buffalo Bill has really lowered his standards.

From tales of pulling 8 inch blood clots out of their nose to shooting three foot streams of puss out of their wounds, these Redditors really know how to party. Ew.

(H/T Reddit)

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