Shootout at O.K. Corral Recreation Ends in Real Shooting

Someone didn’t check their weapon at a Wild West recreation in Arizona. That left one person taking a bullet in the groin and a bystander with shrapnel in their body. These reenactments are too real.

The shooting occurred Sunday afternoon as two actors in the Tombstone Vigilante group engaged in a standoff as they re-enacted an episode from the town made famous by Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the O.K. Corral.

The Tombstone Marshal’s Office said actor Tom Carter’s guns fired live rounds, hitting a fellow member of the group.

I call sabotage.

CBS Tuscon affiliate KOLD-TV, citing the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, reports Ken Curtis was struck in the upper-groin area. Curtis fell to the ground and was flown to a hospital in Tucson, where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet.

Other rounds struck businesses and a female bystander. The sheriff’s office told KOLD says the woman was hit by shrapnel and refused medical treatment.

This sounds very Black Swan-like. Someone’s understudy really wanted their spot in these shootout skits.

The marshal says authorities inspected the weapon and found one live round in the cylinder along with five casings that indicated the six-shooter was filled with live rounds prior to the skit.

“Hey Ken? You gonna be there on Sunday right? Yeaaaa, juuuust wanna make sure.”

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