Sofia Macaggi’s Body Could Stop All the Waves in the World

It’s so amazing when you can discovered talented people in this world. Take Sofia Macaggi. She’s so great at umm, what does she do. Models? Another model eh. Does she even act? Well, I’m sure under that two-piece is a whole lot of genius. I checked out her Instagram. Not sure if she does anything besides pose in bikinis. Do we need women to do anything else? Seriously.

Maybe she works as an SEO specialist because she stuffed more keywords into that Instagram than a first-year Internet marketer.

She’s hanging out with a really, really tanned dude in some of the gallery pics.┬áSkin cancer bro, avoid it.

Here’s another Insta from her. Probably her boyfriend. He looks like a skinnier Liam Neeson.

If anyone finds out what Macaggi does besides model, hit me up.

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