Taylor Swift Dumps Calvin Harris After Visit to Thai Massage

Wow, everyone was so sure Taylor Swift had found “the one” in DJ/producer Calvin Harris. They’ve been having a great time since February, according to social media, and lately rumors have been flying that marriage isn’t too far down the road.

Apparently, one trip to a Thai massage parlor has ruined everything and shattered the couple’s dreams and ruined their happiness. Harris was seen leaving a Thai massage parlor a month ago, apparently after having been there for two hours. Since this massage happened a month ago, and speculations are being made now about a break up, we are left to assume that Swift and Harris spent a month arguing about the possible mischief that occurred during the two hours he spent in the parlor.

Sources say that Harris has his own masseuse, so a trip to a massage parlor is unusual. When Swift pressed him for information about the Thai massage, his reasoning was that his shoulder needed work and his masseuse was sick that day. Interesting stuff.

Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live interviewed Swift’s best friend Selena Gomez on his SiriusXM show and when he asked her about the break up rumors she responded, “What?”

She went on to elaborate, “I think I would have found that out. Is that a rumor?” Probably.

Update: Calvin Harris denies any truth to the massage and break-up story. So, he’s free to get massages wherever he pleases.

Update 2: Harris’ publicist, Tree Paine, also strongly denies Radar Online’s story about Harris.

(H/T Radar Online)

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7 years ago

Swift and Harris have all ready shot down this BS rumor… You copied and pasted a day late.

7 years ago
Reply to  flying777

I really hope Swift and Harris follow thru and hit Radar Online and some of the other copy and paste gossips with a defamation law suit. Does Radar Online really want to tangle in court with two of the wealthiest and most connected stars in the world right now?

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