It Turns Out Jesse Eisenberg Is Probably A Dick

Do catered to, pampered, rich, privileged jerk-offs regularly lose touch with reality in spectacular ways? Absolutely. And it looks like Jesse Eisenberg is riding that train to douchedom first class. An insider on the set of spectacular flop American Ultra told Star magazine:

“Jesse was practicing his lines and a lighting guy dropped a screwdriver and Jesse just lost it. The poor guy wasn’t even anywhere near Jesse, but he flipped out and threatened to have him fired, then mocked the crew guy for his ‘minimum-wage job’. It was bizarre and uncalled for.”

Where’s the techno remix of this, like when Christian Bale freaked out? Hollywood and the internet are letting me down.

This isn’t even Eisenberg’s first brush with douchebaggery. Back in 2013, the actor mocked Univision host Romina Puga while promoting the giant flop Now You See Me, which has been forgotten by everyone except the people who religiously watch whatever’s on rotation on TBS. Romina said that five seconds alone with Eisenberg made her feel “humiliated” and that he “butchered” her self-esteem.

This might seem kinda far-fetched, but coming from a guy who we have on record comparing appearing at Comic-Con to genocide (which is so stupid, out-of-touch, and terrible that it’s almost funny) I 100% buy that Jesse Eisenberg’s big dick is 99% in his personality.

You know, where it doesn’t count.

Calm down Eisenbitch.

(H/T Celebitchy)

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8 years ago

Not a big KStew fan, but she looks seriously bangable in this photos. It is amazing what decent hair and makeup do for her look. Although her acting. You know. Still teh same.