Unraveling Lamar Odom’s Apparent Overdose

What a waste of a 6’10” frame. Lamar Odom made it to the big time, but like a million people out there, drug addiction cut him down. 6’10”!! He had basketball smarts and could play the triangle offense. The triangle offense son! Oh well. So, he’s not dead yet, but man, this is tragic.

All the news coming out paints a picture of a broken man. Even his former drug dealer advised Odom to seek help. If your drug dealer thinks you do too much drugs, then yea, you have a problem.

“He likes to party,” the self-confessed dealer-to-the-stars told Radar in 2013. “He’s a pretty nice guy to be honest with you, but he’s becoming … his problem seems to be becoming a bigger problem.”

Odom was a “cocaine guy.” He also supposedly got hooked on Ambien and OxyContin. Things got so bad he allegedly did drugs before a game in 2013. And scored a double-double! No, the dealer didn’t say that. Is cocaine a PED? It makes you all hyper doesn’t it? You can definitely dunk on coke.

His dealer told him, “Dude, you are a drug addict.. This is becoming to the point where you could lose your life.”

The day of his overdose was pretty hectic. In a cruel moment, medics couldn’t fit his 6’10” frame into their helicopter to fly him to the airport. The same tall frame that made him millions almost killed him.

Medics were forced to take an ambulance which cost Odom precious time.

According to the source, “Lamar had to be revived several times when his heart stopped en route to the hospital in Vegas from the hospital in Pahrump.” In medical terms, that’s called a “circulatory death.”

“He lost critical treatment time because he couldn’t be airlifted, and the trip took over an hour,” the source explained. “The emergency room doctor was communicating with the medical team in the ambulance for the entire trip, and the truck is equipped with defibrillator paddles, which were used to get Lamar’s heart beating again every time it stopped. His blood pressure was also dangerously low.”

“Lamar’s medical team says valuable time was lost because he had to take the ambulance. He most likely wouldn’t have coded multiple times because doctors in the emergency room could have stabilized him much more quickly.”

Jeezus, an hour?!?!? An hour’s like a drive to the supermarket in LA. In other words, a long ass time. You could say Odom went into ‘overtime’ with this alleged overdose.

Khloe Kardashian seemed to have precipitated Odom’s precarious situation. Dude couldn’t get over her. Daily Mail says,

‘He was all freaked out about Khloe, fixated on her. He was showing the girls photos of them together and wanted to pour his heart out, he wasn’t there just for sex, he needed a shoulder to cry on, companionship. He seemed lost. ‘

‘Lamar seemed really stressed out when he showed up, the girls tried to relax him and gave him a full body massage.

‘But ultimately he wanted to party and would break down in tears from time to time. He told the girls he was a broken man, that he thought his life was a mess and he had no direction.

Not even a full body massage from experienced prostitutes could save him. He was that far gone.

Now, it’s wait and see. The Kardashians have made their way to the hospital. Yay ratings! One source told People,

“They’re pretty sure this is goodbye, but they’re praying for a miracle…They know that God has the power to heal him, but that’s really the last hope at this point. This is really bad.”

That sounds shitty. Odom’s only 35. Hopefully he’ll recover. Supposedly, he has brain damage. Even with brain damage, he could probably snag a roster spot.

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