Want To Own a Mexican Restaurant? Eat a 30 Pound Burrito

Don Chingon, a taqueria in Brooklyn, is offering a 10% ownership of the business as the prize for eating their 30 pound “Gran Chingon” burrito.

The Rules:

  • You have to pay $150 to enter the contest.
  • You have one hour to eat 30 pounds of rice, beans, salsa, steak, chicken, and pork.
  • You are not allowed bathroom breaks.

If you manage to eat such a burrito under those rules, you still aren’t done. In order reap your reward, you have to down a ghost pepper margarita. That should help you digest. If you’ve done all this, and are still alive, congratulations! You are a 10% owner of Don Chingon!

(H/T Death and Taxes)

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