‘What’s for Dinner?’ Asks Dad Who Accidentally Sent His Daughter a Dick Pic in a Group Chat

You might think you have daddy issues, but they are nothing compared to this poor innocent child, who will need years of therapy to overcome what she witnessed via text.

I mean, I thought married people don’t even have sex. That’s what affairs are for. This family needs to get its s**t together.

Somebody please remove all technological advancements from the hands of this horny old timer, who has managed to create the kind of next-level awkward situation that shouldn’t exist outside of a blockbuster comedy.

I think you owe your kid a little more of an apology after cluing them in to just how much you love nailing their mom, and then sending them a close up dick pic, but that’s just me. Who cares what’s for dinner? It’s not like your poor daughter is ever going to be able to eat again, anyway. Gross.

(H/T Elite Daily)

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