Who’s Your Daddy? Sex, Science and the Dad Bod

Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve heard of it: The dad bod. That soft, stocky, semi-lumberjack physique a man develops from a life dedicated to literal Netflix and chill, or maybe even chopping down trees with an axe. Hot. Chop that wood, boys.

The dad bod craze began when a Clemson University girl wrote an essay about her exclusive attraction to men who look like Seth Rogen. It turns out this college girl was onto something scientific. While common sense makes it pretty clear that most women prize a great personality over a man looking like he’s come back from the future to destroy them with his pecs–also hot— it turns out that science has a real dad bod plot twist for us.

Dr. David Frederick, assistant professor in health psychology at Chapman University, published a recent study on the correlation between BMI, height, and sexual partners. According to an online survey of over 60,000 heterosexual men and women, a man with a dad bod can get it. While underweight men clock in with the least sexual partners on average, at four, overweight men average a staggering eight sexual partners, and men of average weight come in at six sexual partners.

Apparently this was expected, as slender men do not reflect ideal masculinity and pretty regularly get shafted. We, as a society, are not taking proper care of our twinks. Shame on us.¬†While Dr. David Frederick could have just asked me, I guess it’s cool that they did this whole study and whatever. Bottom line: Ladies love the dad bod. And so does science. Nice.

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