‘The X Factor’ Judge Rita Ora Reveals Abuse At 14 In New Biography

In her new biography, Hot Right Now, Rita Ora reveals that at the age of 14 she was in a relationship with a 26-year-old man. While she claims it was not abuse, she describes a relationship with more red flags running through it than the People’s Republic of China. Her words are often echoed by the abused, and reflect the ways in which our culture grooms women to desperately prize men’s approval over everything else, and then tell us we suck for doing what we’ve been taught to do. According to Ora:

“I don’t want to say I suffered, because I wanted it…I don’t want people to think I was abused but I was definitely more mature than I should have been at 14.”

How many times have we heard a young girl say something along those lines? After Ora talks about how mature she was, she immediately contradicts herself.

 “You have to remember I hadn’t had a relationship before then.”

The kind of 26-year-old man that sinks his claws into an inexperienced kid whose never had a relationship before is a predator. Call Chris Hansen. Jesus Christ. On top of this, the kind of relationship she describes sounds like it would probably only be condoned by the kind of people who ruin their lives trying to imitate stuff they read in Fifty Shades of Grey.

“I was almost obsessed with having a man feel like he wanted me. I can’t begin to tell you how confident I felt when a man was interested in me…I felt like I had a form of respect, I felt like he listened to me. Now I know he listened to me because he obviously wanted to have sex.”

Let’s talk about this. Women are pretty much judged to have failed miserably if they aren’t hitched and knocked up by a certain age. Yeah, it’s not 1955, but if you pick up any magazine geared toward women, 80% of the content is about pleasing and nabbing that ‘perfect’ guy. Here we have a grown ass man with a child’s self-worth hinging entirely on his nasty ass opinion. She straight up confesses that he was manipulating her into having sex by pretending to be emotionally invested in her. If this wasn’t bad enough, she was a 14 and lightening her hair, putting on red lipstick, and dressing in a more revealing way to suit his tastes.

You’re probably gonna hear a lot of people putting the blame on Rita Ora for this. Certain organizations, such as the NSPCC, have called her out for not being a good role model. If you ask me, we should be more pissed off at the culture that makes this s**t happen on the reg than the women caught in the crossfire, but, whatever.  It’s like we hate thinking too hard almost as much as we hate women. Amazing. 

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