Livestreamer Accidentally Burns Down His House on Camera

Let me get this out right now. What happens here is shitty and I definitely ain’t laughing about it. Even I have my boundaries.

One Japanese guy livestreamed…something. No idea what was going on except for him trying to light a flint match over and over.

Finally, he lights it but the canister goes up in flames, burning his fingers. Dude throws the canister down and the still-lit match into a plastic bag next to him. I’m giving him a pass on this one. He wasn’t paying attention. That’s when it happens.

His plastic bag of trash catches on fire and so he throws it into the corner of the room. Where all his books and drawings are. You know, PAPER. Next, a series of facepalms.

This guy tries stamping out the fire with a cardboard box. That doesn’t help. The comforter he throws on the fire almost kills it but he keeps fanning the flame with it, instead of smothering it.

Eventually, he rushes to his bathroom to get water. At this point, there’s a sizeable fire in the corner. After a really, really long time (low water pressure?), guy brings out a tiny pot of water and throws it waywardly on the fire. *shakes head* No, bro. This is not happening.

He keeps bringing out pots of water and almost gets it under control, but then the fire wins, rages out of control and probably burns his house down.

The creepiest part of the video is the anime voice on the other end. It’s one of those cutesy anime characters. While the fire burns out of control, it never breaks character. This is how I imagine it’ll sound when A.I. takes over the world and enslaves and kills us.

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