All the Beautiful People at the American Music Awards

A whole lotta celebrities with better cheekbones than you showed up at this year’s American Music Awards. The show had some notable moments. There was Nicki Minaj unimpressed by Jennifer Lopez’s booty shaking performance of her “Anaconda” song. Justin Bieber singing in the rain.

There was also Celine Dion’s tribute to Paris as she sang¬†Edith Piaf’s “Hymne √† L’Amour.”

Then you had the celebrities who didn’t perform but dressed up to be seen.

Demi Lovato with the 1940’s hairstyle. Is it 1940’s? Whatever, I’m going’ with it.

Here’s Gwen Stefani with something she stole from Cher’s wardrobe closet.

Carrie Underwood with a cape because capes are legit.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy. Who invited them? They must be here by mistake. The anti-vaxxer awards show isn’t until next week.

Chloe Moretz, the long-lost Olsen twin.

Selena Gomez, umm…looks like Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber desecrating Nirvana’s memory. So says Twitter.

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