You Already Can’t Buy Gisele’s Book, Even If You Could Afford It

I am not one to make fun of supermodels for being vapid. But it’s funny as hell that Gisele Bundchen’s book with publisher Taschen is a picture book. And it’s $700, or, it was $700 because the thing is already sold out.

I guess the thing that puzzles me is, why even do press for an already-sold out limited edition book that’s too expensive for anyone who watches CBS News to even buy. Are Gisele’s people just trying to make normals feel even worse about our lives?

Or perhaps she appeared to discuss her retirement in April from her 13-year runway career?

“I am so grateful to be where I am right now because I feel fulfilled. I feel I’ve given a lot of energy and dedication and focus to that and I think 20 years is like more than half my life doing that. I feel like that is long enough.”

From what I understand, modeling is like baseball and 35 is on the older side of things, so more power to her for sticking with it for so long. Of course she is Gisele, and she is married to Tom Brady, star quarterback of Deflategate, a thing I cared so little about I almost haven’t heard of it.

During her interview with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning, she touched on some of the struggles in her marriage to Brady and how they deal with difficult times.

“I think we’ve been through a few tough times together. I think that’s when you know who are your friends and who loves you. My father always said the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships, and I think, no matter how challenging it was, we’ve always been supportive of one another. I think that’s the most important thing you can have in life, you know? A support system and love.”

She went on to talk about what the future holds for her, now that she’s a retired runway model with a $700 book of photographs of herself.

“It’s scary a little bit, but it’s exciting. When you have no definition exactly of what it is, everything is possible. The miracles happen that way. Magic happens that way and I worked very hard since I was 14 years old to be here today in my life at this place to make that choice.”

All very easy to say when you’re the highest paid supermodel in the world.

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