Amy Schumer Screeches ‘I’m Famous!’ After Gym Denies Her Entry

Someone’s getting a big head. Word comes out that Amy Schumer went off on staff at the Equinox gym in New York.

The trouble began when the actress forgot her membership card. An employee turned her away, reminding her she needed a card for entrance— which left the 34-year-old in a rage.

“She threw a massive fit,” an eyewitness tells Radar. “She screamed, ‘I know you know who I am, I’m famous!’”

Actually, that could be true in some cases, but when a celeb comes in, probably without makeup and throw in the morning rush of people, it seems plausible gym staff might not know who you are, Ms. Schumer. Come on, not everyone’s a fan of you.

After getting refused, Schumer tried to leave, but her ego got stuck in the doorway.

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Tim Frenchko
Tim Frenchko
8 years ago

Bring your card next time and say please.