Ariel Winter Fires Back at Instagram Body Shamers

On Friday, Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter posted a pretty innocent photo of herself chillin’ with her kid nieces on the beach on Instagram.

Most of the comments were positive, but some people took time out of their day to tell this 17-year-old girl that she was “asking for it” by dressing that way (wearing a bikini on the beach???).

We live in a universe where people feel justified in telling an underaged girl that she looks like she wants to be raped on Instagram. Wow. We’re doing great. Ariel Winter fired back by posting this famous photo, which is a statement on how women are judged based solely on the way they dress. She captioned it with an inspirational message.

Fans have responded with nothing but praise for her rebuttal to the creepy rapey commenters. On the original post, one supporter wrote,

“Currently deployed to Iraq, this is the kind of stuff I hate seeing. I’m just 2 years older than @arielwinter, and I’m over here doing this. I think she has the right to wear what she wants. It looks like you had a good time with your nieces!”

On the second post another fan responded,

“You are beautiful inside and out & such a wonderful role model for girls all over the world!!”

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