Aziz Ansari Calls Out CBS for Being So White

While promoting his new Netflix show Master of None, comedian Aziz Ansari took his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to address the diversity problem of late night.

The clip opens with Ansari telling the audience that both he and Colbert are from South Carolina, and that Colbert is the first late night talk show host from the state, but also the “bajillionth white guy.” Colbert as Craig Ferguson’s (a white man) replacement caused quite a stir because every other late night host – now with the exception of Trevor Noah who is Jon Stewart’s successor – was a white dude.

It’s definitely fun to joke about it, but it might also be nice to take action. The episode of Master of None called “Indians on TV” is a really great example of the lack of diversity and pervasiveness of stereotypes in media.

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Load of Truth
Load of Truth
8 years ago

What the hell is diversity?

It’s pretty messed up that the Indian guy from Short Circuit isn’t Indian but besides that, how about we just get the funniest person for the job and stop talking about their gender or race.

Diversity is racism in disguise.