I Celebrate The Man’s Entire Catalog — Shia Labeouf on Shia LaBeouf (Sort Of)

As part of a performance piece Shia LaBeouf is presenting called #ALLMYMOVIES, the actor is sitting in New York City’s Angelika Film Center watching all of his movies in reverse chronological order for three days straight. He is also live-streaming himself watching the event without any sound. You can watch him watch his movies here.    

Tell me this is not like a follow up to the theatrical performance of the Rob Cantor song ‘Shia LaBeouf.’

How long until we reach meta singularity and all Shia Labeoufs in every universe cease to vibrate entirely and become at once all and also nothing?


This cat is on a strange journey and I, for one, would love to wander through this dessert of absurdity with him. Imma be keeping one eye on that feed. As the performance continues, he’ll be watching everything from Nymphomaniac to Transformers to Holes.

It’s an interesting subversion of our society’s voyeuristic obsession with actors. He’s taking back the power in that process of turning living people into simple images. I dig it. Shia’s doing some cool s**t.

Also, at the conclusion of tuning into this, when somebody asks you what your favorite Shia Labeouf film is, you can say that you personally celebrate the man’s entire catalog. And what’s more valuable than that?

[Ed. note: Someone actually went. Read their review.]

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