Christopher Nolan’s ‘Memento’ Getting A Remake Because Nothing Is Sacred


AMBI Pictures is going to finance and produce a remake of Christopher Nolan’s Memento. Why can’t they fund a new voice in film? Why can’t they just leave one of the best films of the last twenty five years alone?

Money. Beating the dead horse by utilizing stuff they already own is cheaper than paying people to come up with new things. Welcome to regurgitation theater. AMBI recently got ownership of the Memento remake rights when the company acquired the Exclusive Media Group film library in September. And wow, look. Another remake. Great.

Christopher Nolan directed Memento from his own script which he adapted from a short story his brother Jonathan Nolan wrote called “Memento Mori.” The film, which stars Guy Pearce as an amnesiac, is one of the most unique and fascinating modern films. It presents in a series of black-and-white scenes shown chronologically, and color sequences shown in reverse order to tell a gripping story. Memento premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and did nearly $40 million in the box office. It also received Oscar nominations for best original screenplay and best film editing, because it’s goddamn incredible.

According to Andrea Iervolino, one of the anchor investors in the $200 million film fund that’s funding AMBI,

“‘Memento’ has been consistently ranked as one of the best films of its decade. People who’ve seen ‘Memento’ 10 times still feel they need to see it one more time. This is a quality that we feel really supports and justifies a remake. The bar is set high thanks to the brilliance or Christopher Nolan, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

How about you just don’t touch Memento? Goddamn.

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