#CondomChallenge Mostly #Challenges My Faith in Humanity

Look at this dumb s**t.

A new trend, the #CondomChallenge, is spreading across social media, and it’s really dumb.

Like really really dumb.

To take part in this, two people hop into a bathtub together — if only it stopped there. That alone sounds like a pretty good time to me. Anyway, one holds a condom filled with a gallon of water over the other one’s head and drops it. The condom then bulges out and looks kinda weird if you’ve never seen anything more interesting than an episode of Full House, bursts, and both parties giggle.

Other assholes such as myself who make a living talking s**t on the internet are turning it into an opportunity to masturbate over how much millennials suck. How is us spreading stupid memes worse than y’all being more crusty and bitter than the inside of a used up toothpaste tube all the time for no damn reason?

Apparently this #challenge is supposed to spread awareness over the importance of condoms, but I think it’s just spreading awareness of how we, as a society, are really bored.

(Image: Huffington Post Australia)

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