Cue Fastest Swimmer Jokes: Michael Phelps Is Gonna Be A Dad

If you’re into hot dads, I got some news for you.

Michael Phelps is gonna be a daddy! Today the Olympic swimmer Instagrammed the news that he and his fiancee, Nicole Johnson–former Miss California USA 2010– are expecting their first child. More exciting news, they just learned they’re having a boy.

How much you wanna bet the kid is aquaman? Or a model. A merman?

Phelps wrote beside an adorable photo of him his fiancee,

 “We found out 8weeks ago we were expecting. Today we’re over 12 weeks and it looks like we’re having a boy!!! #babymp #mp #lifeabouttochange #mpswim”

Johnson shared the same photo and captioned it:

“Today marks 12 weeks and 5 days of us having a little one 👶🏻 and yesterday we learned we’re having a BOY💙 We couldn’t be happier!! #babymp #mpswim 📷: @djnolan5!”

Phelps and Johnson have dated on and off since 2007 and finally did that whole ring thing in February. Phelps shared the news over Instagram with the caption: “She said yes.”

This is an upward turn for Phelps who was pretty much looking like s**t for a minute. He was arrested for a DUI in September 2014. Then he was suspended from the USA swimming team and checked into a rehab facility. Yikes.

Now, a year later, he’s keeping off the bottle until after the 2016 Olympics in Rio and says he might never drink again. Time to focus on bottles of formula I guess. I don’t know how anyone could deal with kids 24/7 without being piss drunk, but good luck to you and your family Michael Phelps.

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