Disney Acknowledges Princess Leia’s Humanity, Considers Retiring ‘Slave Outfit’

Rumors have been swirling recently that Princess Leia’s iconic ‘slave outfit’ from Return of the Jedi would be retired from all merchandising. Marvel Comics cover artist J. Scott Campbell let slip on Facebook that not only are Marvel artists no longer allowed to draw Leia in “a sexy pose”, the slave outfit is already being phased out.

“Disney is already well on it’s [sic] way to wiping out the “slave” outfit from any future products period. You will NOT see any future merchandising featuring the slave outfit ever again. Trust me.”

Oh well. Campbell sounds sort of disappointed, but I think this is a welcome change. In a recent interview with Carrie Fisher and The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley, Fisher tells her to fight wearing “that slave outfit.”

It’s likely that Disney is covering their asses a bit, due to less than satisfactory levels of inclusion of female characters in their past merchandising. Slave Leia was the only action figure available for many years, a fact that was only corrected once Disney got their hands on the franchise and are no doubt aiming it in a slightly more family friendly direction… Though arguably, Star Wars is a kid’s movie, no?

I think it’s a welcome change, and not that big a deal. If your favorite thing about Princess Leia is the fact that she is forced to wear a bikini by her captor, then you might have some issues with women.

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7 years ago

Star Wars – where Huts capture women of all races and keep them as slave to dance for their pleasure…
And the men are fed to a Rancor.
If those are my options, please hand me my gold bikini.