Why are Female Meteorologists All Over the Country Wearing the Same Dress?

Is it aliens?

Or is it that a cheap, wearable dress was posted on a female meteorologist Facebook group and they all grabbed it?

Definitely aliens.

It turns out, that what seems like some cultish hive mind s**t actually happened because female meteorologists are given so much s**t about what they can wear that finding anything is a struggle. Shelby Hays, a KOCO meteorologist from Oklahoma, told Tech Insider that many female meteorologists have to follow harsh and arbitrary dress codes for what they can and can’t wear on air. Patterns are a no-go, and there are often even regulations on sleeve length and style. Basically, female meteorologists are only allowed to wear 2 things, but get crap from viewers for wearing only those 2 things repeatedly. She said that,

“Many stations even have consultants that come in and tell you colors you should and shouldn’t wear.”

Hays was told to stay away from the colors green and white. This all seems pretty fascist to me. I didn’t know the world of meteorology got this dark.

Since these requirements can be a bitch to meet, Hays and her fellow meteorologists use the Facebook group to offer fashion advice, in addition to career guidance and support. So as you can imagine, when somebody posted a $23 dress on Amazon that actually met requirements, they jumped on that s**t. Another meteorologist is even keeping a collage of all of those who have been assimilated into the borg of this sweet dress. Check it out.

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Brent Busch
Brent Busch
7 years ago

Green and white mess with the green screen, that’s why they avoid those colors.

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