Get Shwasted With The King

What’s better after a night of getting piss drunk than binging on greasy and disgusting fast food? Burger King knows what’s up, and wants to help you kill two birds with one gluttonous stone.

Burger King wants to become the first fast food chain to sell alcohol. Though, according to The Independent, they are only considering this move for their UK locations, which offends me, as an American. We the people did not dump a boat load of tea in the harbor to be betrayed like this.

Apparently, Burger King already has Whopper Bars in the US, and I want to know why my fat ass was not apprised of the situation? Rude. Why hasn’t anyone made a bigger deal about this? It’s important.

The chain wants to start selling beer in plastic bottles at fourĀ of its 600 UK locations. Considering that Taco Bell just launched Taco Bell Cantina this fall in Chicago and San Francisco, which has both tapas and booze, I wonder if we’re headed to the kind of bizarro future where you really can roll up to the drive through Sex and the City Style and order a Cosmopolitan.

I hope so.

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