Jaime Foxx’s Daughter Nabs Miss Golden Globe 2016 Gig. Your Day is Now Complete

Corinne Foxx has been hiding a secret for weeks. She will be the trophy hander outter at the 2016 Golden Globes. *golf clap*

No, it’s not randos who get chosen for this honor. It’s the children of celebrities chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Past winners (is that what you call them?) include Dakota Johnson, Rumer Willis and Greer Grammer. Dakota Johnson and Rumer Willis? Actually, I never knew that. How come it’s always women handing out these trophies? Sexist.

“I’ve known for about 3 weeks. Maybe like a month and I was so excited,” Foxx told PEOPLE. “I had all of this energy and I’m not lying, for an hour straight, just jumped around my house and was bouncing off the walls, and was Googling all of this stuff about Miss Golden Globes so I was really excited.”

And her Golden Globe Award-winning dad’s reaction was priceless. “My dad, he’s a little bit emotional. He won’t admit it, but he had tears in his eyes and he was so happy for me to kind of have my own thing now,” she said.

Huh, well that’s cool. Get ready to be kissed on the cheek by every winner. Hope you’re not a germaphobe. If you are, make sure to keep hand sanitizer around and furiously scrub it on your face during every TV break.

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