Jessica Biel Calls Vaginas ‘Magical’, Also Pleased with Vibrator Technology

Last week, Jessica Biel and Saundra Pelletier paired up and did a Reddit AMA for the WomenCare Global “Then Who Will” campaign, which focuses on teaching women (and other interested parties) about their own bodies. Because many women really don’t know. Not being sarcastic.

“No more misconceptions, misinformation and myths about our bodies. Let’s get educated. Educate yourself, educate your partner and educate the people around you. If it’s happening in our bodies, we want to talk about it. WomanCare Global wants to empower women and girls by bringing women’s health issues out of the shadows.”

Sounds like a pretty dope mission, but of course because it’s 2015 they had to inject some humor and silliness into things to get attention! Heehee!

When they were asked what the main takeaway of the AMA should be Pelletier responded,

“We could say ‘Vaginas are awesome! Most everybody came from a woman!’ We could use the line you said — anything that bleeds for seven days and lives on is amazing.”

Biel weighed in,

“We could go with your line, like vaginas are magical things. I like that. Or go with the line that vaginas are weird and scary, and like bleed for seven days, so they shouldn’t be trusted!”

A good, soundbite-y takeaway! Vaginas are magical! And a bit later when she was asked to name something that has improved dramatically over the years, Biel responded with “Vibrators!” So cute. Vaginas are magical!

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