Just a Dude Eating Ass in the Strip Club. Watch and Learn How a True Gentleman Acts

What’s a Friday night without sticking your face into some stranger’s butthole and getting an eyeful of anal grease? A Monday night is it what it is. This dude here pulled into the club and said, “You know what, I’m gonna plow through some fine lady’s ass tonight. Warts and all!” And that’s just what he did. Yo bro, that’s not how you get drinks in this club. Guy paged his drink order through her butthole like it was an intercom.

There’s really no back story to this. You’ll have to make up your own. Perhaps this guy’s name is Jake and he works on Wall Street. He just got paid and snorted a line of coke. Some clubgoer presented herself ass first. That’s when Jake pounced. I’d recommend you set up that doctor’s appointment now. Although, hygiene and disease probably aren’t high on the list of anyone who does this.

(H/T Elite Daily)

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8 years ago

Monkeys acting out their real behavior.