Justin Bieber Rubs Ronda Rousey’s Knockout in Her Face

Justin Bieber, even when he’s trying to be nice, he can’t help the douchery from seeping out like pus.

Back a couple of months ago, Ronda Rousey recounted a meeting between her 16-year-old sister and Bieber. Her sister, Julie, couldn’t wait to meet Bieber. She finally got up the courage to ask for Bieber’s autograph. You know where this is going. Bieber blew her off, saying he took a ‘billion’ pictures that day. What’s a billion and one? From that day forward, Rousey said she and her sister were no longer Beliebers.

Well, Justin got word of this story and apologized for his behavior.

“I guess, supposedly, she asked for a picture with her sister or something, and I guess I said no?” he tells Elvis Duran in an interview airing on “Entertainment Tonight” on Wednesday. “But I don’t remember this happening so, Ronda, I’m sorry. Don’t kick my ass!”

Oh good, the boy has manners. Oh wait.

When asked about his outside interests beyond music, he brought up Rousey again, this time mentioning how he wanted to take up boxing. In a roundabout way, he totally shot down Rousey and rubbed salt in her wounds.

“I would like to get better at boxing . . . Did you see Ronda Rousey?” — referring to the beating she took at the hands of Holly Holm in Australia earlier this week. “She got knocked out cold! Oh my God, she got knocked out so bad. Yeah no, she got pummeled.”

Look out Bieber. Ronda doesn’t take disrespect lightly and will come looking for you. Once she wakes up from her knockout.

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Mental Floss
Mental Floss
8 years ago

I suppose, Justin could have been more politically correct. However, it is a fact, Ronda was knocked out. So what’s the problem?
The things Ronda has said about others go by the wayside though, huh?