Kate Winslet Thinks Talking About the Hollywood Wage Gap is ‘Vulgar’

I would personally like to congratulate Kate Winslet for living in a universe where sexism isn’t real. Wish I could join her there. In an industry where underaged girls are pressured into breast reduction surgery and getting lip fillers, leading men can work until they die, but leading women are barely cast after 30, and a Sony hack just revealed that Jennifer Lawrence was totally contractually boned in her paycheck for American Hustle, Kate Winslet is the chosen one. The one female left untouched in the ravaging wasteland of lady-hate which is Tinseltown. Lucky you. When asked if she’s ever experienced sexism in the industry, this shining idol of glimmering denial had this to say,

“If I’d ever been in that situation I would have either dealt with it or removed myself from it. Quite honestly, I’m sure I would. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across that. I find all this quite uncomfortable. I have to be honest. It’s a bit awkward really. We’re very lucky, and I feel so blessed. I’m perfectly capable of standing up for myself. I’m a strong individual, and that’s important to me. Yeah, absolutely. I haven’t ever felt as though I’ve really had to stick up for myself just because I’m a woman. I can’t honestly say that’s happened.”

Kate Winslet does two really great things here.

One: She insinuates that the blame should be placed on the women dealing with sexism and not on the standards which make it the daily grind for millions of women. Cute.

Two: She uses the ‘I just ate dinner and am not hungry therefore no one else on earth is hungry’ kind of argument that people who don’t think that hard love so much. Precious. 

While there’s a lot of reasons to call Jennifer Lawrence vulgar, i.e. she has zero filter, is quirky in a really forced and uncomfortable way, and likes peeing in the sink, her candid essay on wage inequality in Hollywood is a refreshing and down-to-earth way of tackling a huge issue. Check that s**t out. J-Law addresses how women are socially conditioned to accept for and ask for less, in order to be likable. This is super important. Apparently it’s not at all important to Kate Winslet, who is enjoying life in her ivory tower where the experiences of other women don’t matter. She told BBC Newsbeat,

“I’m having such a problem with these conversations because they keep coming up, and I understand why they are coming up, but maybe it’s a British thing. I don’t like talking about money; it’s a bit vulgar, isn’t it?”

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7 years ago

For anyone interested in actually seeing what gender issues both genders face, enjoy this link:

Mental Floss
Mental Floss
7 years ago

Seriously, Kate?!!
Perhaps Kate feels uncomfortable talking about the wage gap publicly, but lets out venomous attacks in private. Whatever the case, she needs to get “ejumucated” on women and wage gap, not only in Hollywood but around the world.

7 years ago

Why is her personal experience in Hollywood so offensive to you weenies? My hell. Just because her experience is different than many others does not invalidate hers. Plus, not everyone wants to be a social justice warrior. And let’s be honest here. Most films for a long time were more male oriented. The action movies. The guy is the star, of course he got paid more than the supporting lead. Duh, right? And that is now changing, more diversity in roles in gender and race, and good $$ is being made and shared. Plus, Hollywood movie star pay is like… Read more »

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