Is Kendall Jenner Calling Out Tyga and Kylie With This Instagram Photo?

Did Kendall Jenner just literally stick it to Kylie? What’s up with the alleged ongoing Kylie-Kendall feud anyway? On Instagram on November 19, the birthday of Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga, Kendall posted this real classy photo of her backside, with dat middle finger pointing to the sky.

Although Kendall Jenner’s photo may have just been Kendall being Kendall, what’s more genuinely Kendall than acting like a passive aggressive middle schooler? The timing seems to back that up, considering her rumored feud with Kylie, which has been playing out on the 11th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

During Sunday night’s episode of the show, the two sisters were seen screaming at one another after Kylie refused to let Kendall borrow one of her gowns. Even though Kendall claimed she was unable to find another dress or have one of her many servants fetch her one, Kylie wouldn’t budge.

As well as calling Kylie the “biggest fucking bitch,” Kendall complained about her sister to her dogs. She told the pups she was sorry their mother was such a “cunt.”

I mean they’re all terrible, but Kendall sounds like she might just be the worst. Congrats Kendall Jenner. On being the worst.

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