Kylie Jenner: ‘No Woman Should Be a Paparazzi. This Woman Is Such a Bitch.’

It’s weird that somebody whose entire life and livelihood depends on people taking pictures of her would be this much of a bitch about somebody taking pictures of her.

This spoiled brat literally has an entire paid app dedicated to taking pictures of herself for her followers. Half of the content she provides depends on sharing the pictures paparazzi have taken of her. Without paparazzi spreading her and her famous family’s images around she would probably still be wealthy enough to have whatever she wanted, but we wouldn’t be hearing about it.

In a recent Snapchat post, Kylie filmed a female paparazzo trying to get a photograph of her as she went through the drive through at an In-N-Out Burger. Kylie panned the camera over to the lady and went,

“No woman should be a paparazzi. This woman is such a bitch. Like what are you doing with your life girl?”

I don’t know, maybe trying to make a living without being born into a privileged life of wealth and connections, maybe? You wouldn’t understand, Kylie.  Some women do more than have their lip injections photographed.

I’m not gonna go feminist theory 101 on you here, but generally making statements about what kinds of jobs women can and cannot do just makes you look really out-of-touch. When your grandpa says things like ‘Women can’t be doctors because they have periods,’ it’s just uncomfortable. No one even laughs anymore. Your grandpa looks like a dick, but you forgive him because he’s 9000 years old and survived the war. Kylie Jenner is like 13 tops, has never seen anything harsher than the inside of a tanning bed, and this bratty dated bullshit is not a good look for her.

(H/T Celebitchy)

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Mental Floss
Mental Floss
7 years ago

How dare Kylie be disrespectful to this woman!? I respect the female paparazzo than I do Kylie. The woman is making an honest living. More than I can say for Kylie. People who buy into your crud is making you rich as do this female paparazzo by taking your pictures and posting them.

YOU get a life and start by going back to school, you might learn a thing or two, THIS TIME. YOU INGRATE!!

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