If Looks Could Kill, Nicki Minaj Would Have Killed Jennifer Lopez Last Night at the AMA’s

Apparently, the 2015 American Music Awards were held last night?

Huh, weird. You, me, and everyone else on planet earth probably didn’t tune in because the Jennifer Lopez-hosted special was on at the same time as Sunday Night Football and The Walking Dead. Also given the choice between that and watching paint dry, well…

Taylor Swift took home three awards, One Direction won Artist of the Year, and Casting Crowns is apparently America’s “Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist.” No one over the age of fifteen likes either of the first two artists, and no one of any age has probably even heard of the band with the worst name in existence. How irrelevant can you get?

Irrelevant enough that Nicki Minaj’s resting bitchface is the only part of the entire award show anyone is talking about. She looks less than impressed with J-Lo’s cover of her song ‘Anaconda.’

Of course, Twitter has run wild with this.

Of course, Nicki denied throwing any shade, but no one’s buying it.

The AMA’s are so irrelevant that a single 2 second facial expression from Nicki Minaj upstaged the entire event. Lol.

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